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A great resume will set you apart from the competitors. A remarkable resume will reflect your personal brand and communicate your key value proposition to the recruiters in the right voice. 


As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (PARWCC), I am equipped to provide:

  1. Customized Resume Services – I possess the knowledge to create resumes that reflect each individual's unique skills, experiences, and aspirations to increase their chances of a successful job search.

  2. Best Practices in Writing – Clients can expect the language I use to enhance their professional image and to grab the attention of hiring managers.

  3. Document Customization – I empower professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to adapt their content to meet the standards of applicant tracking systems (ATS). 

The turnaround time from the completion of the initial consultation to the delivery of the first draft is 7-14 business days. 


Resumes for All Career Levels


Aspiring Leaders

New graduates and entry-level professionals

Starting at 250

Reasonable rates for customizations of the original resume for different positions


Future Executives

Working professionals, supervisors, and managers

Starting at 450

Reasonable rates for customizations of the original resume for different positions



Directors, VPs, C-Suite, and Senior Executives 

Starting at 780

Reasonable rates for customizations of the original resume for different positions


Cover Letter

Some positions don’t require a cover letter, some will offer the option to include a cover letter. When the latter is the case, always provide one. This shows recruiters that you are willing to go the extra mile in the application process. The cover letter is also a great opportunity for you to demonstrate how you can contribute value to this position, who you are on a personal level, and address any gaps or concerns you may have in a positive way.

Starting at 175
Reasonable rates for customized versions of original cover letter

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that 80% of recruiters use to search for and hire new employees. My services include reviewing your existing materials, rewriting new content for the key sections (Headline, About, Experience) with impactful keywords and providing advice on completing and optimizing the other sections that will improve your profile visibility and the outcomes of your job search. 


Starting at 300

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